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Thinking for yourself

We all go through different stages of an awakening at a point in our life. It’s better to give up a fucked up life now than later. For a man who takes his music seriously, here’s an excerpt of one of my favorit... Read More...

Apathy, very much

  In all these years of being in the United States, the one unaltered feeling underneath it all has been the feeling of not belonging. Most of it is my own doing – building root has never been my priori... Read More...

Living lives our own way

People think they have figured out life. They give you advice. While advising, they think they’re doing you good and this is exactly where everything goes wrong. We don’t know what’s best for us ourselves and h... Read More...


Treading towards a distant statue perched on top of a hill. A strange feeling of calm overcomes me. Seeing his peaceful composure it leaves you with thoughts. Amidst all that chaos is a being in peace that we f... Read More...


Motivation is derived from the word “motive” meaning “a reason for doing something” which came in use since the late 19th century. As google describes, motivation means “a reason or reasons for acting or behavi... Read More...


"When was the last time I finished a book, I ask myself. If I don't check my good-reads account, I don't really remember. I know the last book I finished reading is "Anne of the Island". This I know because... Read More...

Dates and Oranges

His name on my phone screen. Butterflies, butterflies. There must be 651 species of butterflies in Nepal and all of them come to roost in my tummy. He wants my class notes. He wants… want… I want him. “Hell... Read More...
november nepal

November in Nepal

No oil  -no sugar! No gas - no cooker- No job – no office – no work for the day. No success, cruel  filthy mobs -dirty press No progress,  Terai  burns, nobody confesses- No seeds,  no fruits,  no fo... Read More...


I stood there, where the cliff held still, Where the waves kept splattering onto him, And he just kept still, No matter the pain, No matter how downhearted it was, He just kept still.   ... Read More...

Infinite Loop

Photo Credit: Zeepack , from Flickr. An asymptote can meet the axes at infinity. The two parallel lines intersect at infinity and finally, the hidden answer of something divided by zero is “infinity” itse... Read More...

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