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remember me

Remember Me

Photo by Aalutamaa How would people remember me? As the girl with a mole on her lips? The one who never failed to keep her kajal undone. Maybe as the girl who was loud when she was expressing something un... Read More...

Was he not my prince?

When you see him, they said, You will know. You will know by his eyes. I understand what they mean When I first see his green-grey eyes So startlingly different from my brown ones. My heart tells me he is... Read More...

You’re great enough

It doesn't happen very often but there are times I wish I was taller. It will be an understatement if I said I was not tall. I am short. Like, just 5 feet tall-short. Although most of the times I am quite conte... Read More...
Love interrupted

Love, Interrupted

Love, interrupted. Why are we taught to be ashamed of sharing and declaring affections? We were that magical age, sixteen. Three of us girls, talking quite seriously of what-we-wanted-to-be. When talk veered... Read More...

Warmth of a soulmate

Your fragrance spreads away in the small space that we just made ours. You say, you can’t imagine this is the moment that you and I are sharing this glass of tasty red wine. I wished that I was those tiny dropl... Read More...
turning point

The turning point

What intrigues you most? What is that which drives you the most? What are you passionate about? What do you want to do in your life? As simple as it sounds, this is probably the most difficult question for most... Read More...


A butterfly flutters Out of the cocoon Reminds me of *life* And it dies Reminding me of the *death* A permanence A beauty A picture in my mind till it is   : Photo: Photobucke... Read More...

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