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A collection of short stories curated by authors. Immerse yourself in a story, and share your own


The Day He Lived

These god damned dogs! One would begin howling, and then another, and a third, until the air was filled with their screeches and yowls. Nishan had heard of wolves doing that, but then, he mused, dogs belonged t... Read More...
walkers part 3

Walkers part 3

We were at the crossroads and we meet often at the crossroads of life. There is enough distance between us now. Unnoticed are we, by each other. Pretending as if, we have never seen each other in life. As if we... Read More...
walkers part 2

Walkers – part 2

Yesterday was mystical, today is real. The fantastic world is dimmed now and it seems foggy. The walk is over and moments are always eternal. While I start reminiscing the walk it gives a chill in my bones. Why... Read More...


It was delicate & tiny. Protected from everyone, cupped between my precious. I never gave it to anyone for I cared so much for it, wouldn't let anyone even glance at it let alone touch it. Scratc... Read More...
walkers part 3

Walkers–Part I

A wind passing through us was separating us, we were burning inside with a fire so hot ~in the darkest night on earth. We walked through the pines ( may not be pines) , in between a nicely paved road which was ... Read More...

POV of a New Born

I was crying. A smooth, gentle, warm hug soothed me. I felt different; something strange but pleasant and that stopped me from crying. New faces and mostly strangers around. Do I know them? Do they know me? Why... Read More...
Sacred Silence

Secret , Sacred Silence

I feel different now. I don’t want to play with her wrinkles now. What a lovely feeling it is to be a woman. And to be a bride tomorrow?I will be throwing all the stones in the river; I will be wearing makeup a... Read More...

The Scheme – Part I

He hated this part. Absolutely hated it. If only he didn’t have to. It left scars all over his arm as is he was a beaten slave. He didn’t trust them either, not at all. He wanted to scream and shout at everyone... Read More...
Short Shorts

Short Shorts

He was restless that day. He was not stopping anywhere nor talking to anybody for a longer time. He was totally blushed but nobody knew why? Only a few noticed him pulling his shorts down. It was late June. ... Read More...