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My Everyday Detox Green Juice

Lets go green guys !!!! Ladies It’s summer! After all those winter extra pounds we all want to get slimmer, look and feel good meanwhile be healthy. Lots of people have already heard of it or have been trying ...

Try Smiling

Location: Just somewhere on the road. Scenario: I am upset for some reason that cannot really be expressed in such a public manner. Story: I am walking, at first in a hasty manner, away from the source of...

5 Scientific Ways To be Happy

It's a day to rejoice, connect, and be happy. Let's celebrate International Day of happiness with these scientifically proven tips to be happy. Here they go: Exercise: what does exercise do to our brain?...

Makeup Ideas for Oily Skin

Oily skin is a lot to handle and care for. In spite of all the fear of breakouts, you will want to do makeup anyways. So, don’t worry, you just need to choose right type of makeup for your skin type and there y...