Man walking in a distance

In love with a stranger

I'm in love with a stranger, (Yes, I am) I have never seen him before, I don’t even know his features. But I’m certain I will know it’s him, my forever.

आसातित सम्बन्ध Love Story

आसातित सम्बन्ध   दम्भ भित्रको सम्बन्ध कती टिक्ला ? अस्वभाबिक थियो त्यो नाता जो सिर्फ आभास मात्र थियो , नाम थिएेन न नाम दिन मैले खोजे न तिम्ले रोज्यौ मलाई तर पनि एउटा अभिलाषा जिबित नै थियो कि... Read More...

Self Love Revolution

With a quarter of the crowd yelling “Love Yourself”, the other quarter yelling “As if I don’t!” and the rest clueless about the “Self-Love Revolution”, as almost everything, we seem to have gotten it backwar... Read More...

His love was a lie

His love was a lie I dressed in red, added colors to my lips, did my hair right, and walked miles to him Yes once again I tried and yet again he lied. He looked at me didn’t find me pretty for the girl... Read More...